Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Was WWI avoidable or unavoidable?

Was WWI avoidable? Explain your decision and support it with ideas and thoughts from your class notes. (include nationalism, competition, alliances, militarism)


michellea said...

World War I was completely unavoidable. The Secret Alliances caused tension among the world. This split the Europe into two hostile sides. Alliances involved mutual defence agreements which caused many countries to take a part in the war. In some countries, the government was mainly focused on militarism. Countries built large armies and navies to attack others and defend themselves. Military officers dominated the civil authorities who made the decitions. Nationalsim, the love for one's country, took large part in this unavoidable war. This caused hatred between countries. The pride of the people, patriots, would not let another country dominate. World War I was unavoidable due to the Secret Alliances, militarism and nationalism.

By: Michelle Avila

Alex Talavera said...

The World War one could be avoid.Alot of countries become allies.Such as Italy,Moroco...were allies.Allies are those who support other countries like friend.Same of others countries were known as central powers, Germany was one of them.nationalism, the resolution passed both houses and the president signed it thus the neutrally ended.All citizents love their country.Alot of citizents went to war to deffend their country.Militarism was one of the causes of war also.Goverment focused on military expenses.No ecconomic support to the community.My conclusion is that all this countries where crazy fighting over nothing.

Eddie said...

Overall I think that World War I was definitly unavoidable. I say that because of all of the things that caused it. Power began consuming and corrupting the minds of countries in Europe. Some countries became power hungry and tried to take over as much as they could. Everyone began preparing for this war before it really happened by organizing armies. When Germany tried to take over France, which was the United States's ally, it forced the United States to aid them. This war was going to happen because the United States could not betray one of its allies. To keep their promise and their trust The United States had to help France in their time of need. The reason that these countries were power hungry is because all of the pride that they had. Pride would make countries turn on eachother and divide them into different alliances. So because of all these reasons it was impossible to avoid this war.

juanb said...

World War One was unabvoidable because a lot of countries had alliance with another country and it caused political problems and it also split into two hostile sides.It also was unavoidable becaused the cuntries only cared about gettingnew territories out side of their boundaries. Competition caused international antagonism and all this through the time forced militarism and the countries to try to make the strongest army in all europe with the best leaders and commanders.
I think that the main caused was that all the countries was nationalism.They would do anything to defend their country no matter if they had to go to war.

patricia said...

world war

edith said...

World War One was unavoidable for many reasons. One of the reasons is that many countries created alliances. France and Russia were two of the countries who made an allianc. Great Bretain did also. Another reason was the competition that creaated many conflicts. Colonies created conflicts with Africa. The last reason is mili

adriana said...

World War I was unavoidable. The countries created alliances. One alliance was the Allies.The other one was the Central Powers. They were fighting because the nationalism

cecilia said...

world war one was unavoidable. countries created alliances with France and Russia. Powers were forced to support polices. Nationalism is love of country, and people fought for their rights as a union. New territories

juan said...

World War 1
I think that World War 1 was unavoidable.It was unavoidable because of the alliances.Many countries in Europe were split betweem two alliances.It involved many countries that united and help others.It also involved militarism.Some countries were building up on weapons.It also involved countries that wanted to colonize other countries.But i think that the most inportant thing during the war was nationalism.Nationalism inspired the soldiers to fight for the love they had for their country.It wasn't only for love but also for the pridetoo.There were many causes but i think that World War 1 was unavoidable because of the alliances.

jesus said...

World war one unavailable because couuntries created alliance a alliance meat a country helps another country the alliance meat some power were forced to suppotr polices. they may not agreed wit focused on military or army the hostile camps countries built large armies and navies during the pre-way years. a class of proffesional and powerful military officer develop and tended to dominate the civil authorities. love of country or nationalism was another cause. your are born a country and you love you country i think that the other country world war one was unavailable because somecountries help to others couunties.

erickg said...

World war one was unavadable
contries creted alliances
many different power
powers were forced to support policies they didn't like
competition caused the war by
competition is race to see whos best competition among coutries caused
nationalism was a majo problem
nationalism was seen in speeches and writings nationalism mean
world war one was unavadable becaus they wanthed to fight because they don't want competition